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A brief history

I'm a coding enthusiast and a semi-professional web designer. In the past, I've worked for almost four years at an ICT-company called [ThreeShips Enterprises][http://www.threeships.nl] that makes an Electronic Learning Environment: N@Tschool!. It's the Dutch equivalent of BlackBoard. Besides working as a webdesigner at that company, I've managed to complete my bachelor as a history teacher during those years. At the moment I'm employed at a school as a history teacher. Being a teacher hasn't kept me from programming. I started programming websites around the age of fifteen. Back in those days I learned the basic html codes from a friend and I got started. But the basics waren't enough. Soon I wanted more, and of course I wanted the cool stuff. But I couldn't program it myself. Frontpage was my hero back then, but as soon as I learned to stand on my own feet I reverted back to Notepad to make websites and do some coding.

I've learned the basics of JavaScript and PHP from books and extended it by the use of websites like [MSDN][http://www.msdn.com] and [MDN][http://www.mdn.com]. My philosophy is: 'I want to make it myself'. When I see functionality on a program or website that I like I want to imitate it or adjust it so it fits nicely into my own website. I do those projects as a hobby. They learn me more about the inner workings of the programming languages and programming itself.

Over the years I developed a few websites (not including those in service of ThreeShips) for clients. From one of those websites grew my largest project so far [mControls][mControlsPage]. You can read more about this project via the projects menu.

Programming languages

HTML, XML, JavaScript, MSSQL, PHP, CSS, C# (Silverlight)


A JavaScript platform

mControls is part of mSoftware. This profile page is running on mControls. I designed it to be a platform, much like jQuery and other libraries. It provides the programmer with tools to create web applications more easily. mControls enhances and provides web page controls like radio buttons, filebars and sliders. But can also act as an intermediair between the client and the server through an easy accessible xmlHttpRequest object. mControls has a cross-browser and backwards-compatible [upload object][muploadobject] that supports drag and dropping of files in modern browsers and older browsers equiped with Silverlight.

mControls has the following modules:

On the server:

Control examples

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